Giving is more blessed than receiving!
Віддавати більше благословення, ніж отримувати!

Ukraine Aid

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I no longer wake up in the morning to make a quick breakfast and take my kid to school and to do my job. I wake up from sleep every hour and immediately read the news and cry. I hide so my child doesn't see my tears. I have to be strong.

And I will be strong and after I left very sad Ukraine with my 12 years old son after the first days of war I decided that I can better and more safely help my country now in moment from abroad. After my fleeing with my son to Chisinau in Moldava i try to support my Ukrainian compatriots in Ukraine and those Ukrainian who are fleeing like we abroad with aid and help activities!

I may not have a home like many people in Ukraine. But I firmly believe that we must go through all this and find peace and freedom! Because freedom must be beat and suffer for! And we will definitely endure because God is with us! 🙏💙💛

I ask you please for your support to alleviate the great suffering of many people in Ukraine at home and abroad a little!




Giving is more blessed than receiving!


Your Elena

Kind of Donations 

Donation Aid Goods Collection

Basic aid and help goods which are so  important for daily life like medicine, food, bevarges, clothes and many more becoming increasingly scarce.

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Donation Fund Collection

Money donations are in the moment very important too and and i make sure that your donations reach the right people and aid organizations in Ukraine.

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Ukraine Aid Activities  

Aid Projects  

Support special young talent LIIA STAMATAKI Opera Singer since April 2022

One of my aid activities is to accompany and support young people who have been endowed by God with special talents on their way up to a successful career and in wartime it is doubly hard for artists! One very special talent is my 28 years old friend LIIA STAMATAKI, who unfortunately has almost no opportunities in our home country as a music artist and high-quality educated opera singer due to the war! I support her to find new opportunities abroad!

"Ukraine Charity Week" - Pizzeria La Bottega in Klagenfurt/Austria in May 2022

The popular and well-known Pizzeria La Bottega in Klagenfurt in Austria set a charitable sign for Ukraine and declared the first week of May (2nd to 7th May 2022) to UKRAINE CHARITY WEEK! The Pizzeria La Bottega handed over the donations to ELENA LIFE - UKRAINE AID organization! "THANK YOU SO MUCH"!

"Kärnten sings for Ukraine" - Charity Music Concert in Klagenfurt/Austria in May 2022

My charity music concert activity for my compatriots from Ukraine in Klagenfurt, Carinthia region in Austria! After my first hif truck in March, another aid project completed and for me an unforgettable evening with music artist and people who help Ukraine and show solidarity! THANKS to Carinthia, Klagenfurt, all music artists, partners, sponsors and friends! "THANK YOU SO MUCH"

Help Truck Kärnten/Austria from Klagenfurt/Austria to Odessa/Ukraine in March 2022

With my Austrian and European friends and partners where i work 6 month last year there we organise a first aid help truck which arrive on Saturday 19th of March 2022 with humanitarian goods like food, bevarges, clothes, electricity goods and many more for my Ukrainian compatriots and church community in Odessa. Big "THANK YOU SO MUCH" to all donators and volunteers to realise this Aid & Help Truck! God bless and protect you all! 

Please Help & Donate too! 


Donate here!

Each Donation help us in this moment and difficult situation a lot and i kindly ask you for your quick support and help too! THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance!

Thank you!

Donor & Partners  

DONOR & PARTNERS: Following Public institutions and companies from Austria and there from the region Carinthia help and support my first ELENA LIFE - UKRAINE AID activities in March and April 2022 for my compatriots and church help organisation in Odessa! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Media & Press  

MEDIA & PRESS: Following media institutions report and announce about our ELENA LIFE - UKRAINE AID Help activities! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Antenne Kärmten - Austria: Radio (April 2022)

Kleine Zeitung - Austria: Online Report (April 2022)

Klick Kärnten - Austria: Online Report (April 2022)

Klagenfurt Online - Austria: Online Announcement (April 2022)

Kleine Zeitung - Austria: Online & Newspaper Report (March 2022)

Klick Kärnten - Austria: Online Report (March 2022)

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