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A true relationship and love story in times of Corona, War and Energy transition.

To write the frustration, sorrow and pain of my heart, soul, mind and body I have decided to share my 18 month relationship and love story in a crisis-ridden time between December 2020 and May 2022 with a divine, wonderful, incomparable, very beautiful and erotic but at the same time magical, demonic, dark and haunted by the past woman and put it into book form.

"One day I will write a book about myself and my life and I will become famous in my home country Ukraine" was one of her first words and powerful statements in our initial conversations in our getting to know each other phase. These convincing words and statements immediately attracted and fascinated me and were proof for me that behind this woman there is a real, interesting and extraordinary life story and a strong and not usually personality! Yes, and truly what an incredible story and personality I can and must say after 18 months of relationship with this ambivalent woman which was for me on the one hand happiness and colorful and  on the other hand now pain and suffering.

25 years of press, media and communication work experience in international sports, which were part and basis of my job, i decide now with my knowledge to write why not now to write a personal book about my most incredible, most beautiful but unfortunately at the same time most painful and sad relationship and love story in my life. The book will not and should not be a reckoning or a war of roses with the woman described, but on the contrary, I just want to express my perception and experiences in this book in order to alleviate and balance my pain and suffering.

But I would like to anticipate one thing before I start with my personal story and experiences and it is addressed to all men! The type of woman Femme Fatale (fatal woman) does not only exist in traditions and descriptions in the bible, mythology, art, literature and film, they live and exist among us and are reality. Once a man is in the thick of it, suffering, pain and misfortune are not far away and the next victim is sure for such kind of woman!

Her, my and our both common story and experiences and without us having known each other actually began before in the summer and autumn of 2020 and in the middle of the first and worldwide Corona wave that changed our normal and ordinary life from one day to the next.


She about one year and a half after ending a one year-long relationship with a wealthy man from Canada and after constant conflict with parents, sister, 10-year-old son, ex-husband and their mother and the aftermath and pain of her general past life, she had reached the lowest point of her life in the summer of 2020. During this difficult time, she had to go through and endure incredible mental, emotional and physical burdens and pain. Life had practically spat her out during this terrible and critical time and brought her to the limits of her strength and energy. Far removed from a normal and functioning life with work or occupation, she was a shadow of herself. Desperation, insomnia, tiredness, exhaustion and loneliness accompanied her daily existence, making a normal life impossible for her. The only light and hope she had at that time was her strong faith and love in God, which she began to study and practice intensively and deeply two years earlier. Daily reading of the Bible, long prayers, extensive listening to wise preachers and priests, regular attendance of masses with confessions and reception of the Eucharist as well as the close and trusting relationship with her Christian Orthodox priest who is and was her life guide helped her to survive and hope scoop. With God's will it also happened that her best and closest friend approached her with the idea of ​​leaving the Ukraine and her hometown of Chernomorsk in Odessa with her and other interested people and friends and starting a new life in Poland and one pursue a new task and work and to find new happiness. Basically impressed by the idea, the preparation of the papers and documents and the job search for and in Poland, which lasted between two and three months, began. At the beginning of November 2020, the time had come for her and her friends and companions to become concrete and a new phase and change for her could begin. After a long back and forth, she found an agreement with her parents and the mother of her ex-husband, who only smiled at her plan to work in a factory in Poland, judged it pejoratively and called it crazy to take care for her son until everything is fixed and clear in the work and accommodation in Poland and the son should then follow. Without her best friend, who was the initiator and who ultimately did not choose Poland, her journey of hope into a new, fulfilling and happy life began from the train station in Odessa. Also on board her best friend's son and other job seekers from the region and city of Odessa. After a long train journey of several hours towards Poland, she and the rest of the job-seeking group arrived near Kraków in Poland. After arrival, she and the others else went to a quarantined host. The accommodation was more like a barracks and she had to share rooms and space with several people. For them and all the arrivals, the 14-day quarantine that was ordered in Poland at that time also began to be served. During the quarantine days, medical checks for potential new employers began for her and everyone else. From a potential treadmill factory employer who required good and high eyesight, her eyesight was not good enough to hire her. This first small setback and fact didn't really bother her because she trusted God! But everything was coming different and everything get different for her.

Me at this time described in summer and early autumn 2020, due to Corona, I was in the situation for the first time in my life to ask myself and what now and how should it go on!? Six months as good as locked up and no prospects in my work as a sports and event manager, which I have done internationally for 25 years and have always loved my work and have given me great pleasure. So, as a workaholic with 14-16 hours working hours daily that I was, I decided to rest and spend the time in the best possible way and wait and see what happens. I spent many hours with my closest and dearest friends at my energy location Maria Wörth am Wörthersee in my home and place of residence Klagenfurt in Austria and together we have experienced an unprecedented situation caused by Corona. As nice and friendly as this time with friends was, I developed an intense desire to spend this time with a woman and in a relationship. After four and a half years of separation from my 27-year long relation and mother of my 15-year-old daughter, I had had enough of superficial attempts for a new partnership. The right and only woman now had to be here now in order to build a future together with love and harmony with her was my greatest desire and wish. In September 2020, by chance and without having expected it, I was dissuaded from my plans again because there was suddenly an assignment in my work and a spirit of optimism. Also in the following October and November, together with my main partner from Colombia, who lives in London and in cooperation with FIFA (International Football Association based in Zurich, Switzerland), we brought together for the first time in the Corona time that many renowned and well-known football A-National teams from other continents were allowed to play in Europe international football matches again. We were the makers and our joy was great and we attracted worldwide interest in how we brought this together. After the successful jobs, I flew to Antalya, Turkey at the end of November 2020 and on the occasion of my 55th birthday to recover from the strain of the Corona time and work on the one hand and to visit my local business partners there on the other. In the evening and night hours alone in the hotel room, I remembered my intention and desire for a relationship. So I got active again on a dating platform with mostly women from Russia, Ukraine and other former USSR countries that my friend and partner had recommended to me in the summer. In these hours, I decided for the woman of my dreams and desires on the dating platform, with whom I first began communicating in mid-November 2020 and from there on our intensive conversation between us began.

After we were basically in contact with messages on the dating platform before my trip to Turkey and during her stay in Poland and exchanged telephone numbers and also made the first phone calls, it became clear to me that "Alina", like her nickname was on the dating platform, was my chosen dream and wish woman! The age, the photos of her on the platform, the self-description and what kind of man and partnership she is looking for, the way the voice she spoke to me on the phone made it clear to me to do everything possible to make to meet and see her in person as soon as possible. My first suggestion was to come to her near Kraków to Poland and to meet her there in person. After several considerations and after Alina informed me about the eyesight issue for work and that for the first job offer was not looking good, I suggested to her why not to come to Austria and build a new life here, both privately and work. A better social and health system, higher income opportunities and I would help her with her job search or that she works with me and is by my side were my first arguments to convince Alina of Austria and me. Then I immediately invited her to Austria and that we would meet in Vienna and meet up with a good and strong contact of mine from the Ukraine to take the first steps towards staying in Austria. In principle, Alina was not averse to the suggestions, but she was not immediately convinced. Two to three days went by as we kept raising my suggestion every day, but she didn't come to a decision! With my crucial saying and sentence from me to Alina in the crucial phone call "Everything you want is on the other side of fear" I finally was able to convince her of Austria and to come to me. My anticipation was great and expectations high and after a long time I had airplanes in my stomach. So I sent Alina flight tickets, a letter of invitation from the company and pocket money to prepare and initiate the journey via Kraków to Warsaw and the flight to Vienna. 2-3 days after on December 6, St. Nicholas Day 2020, it was time for Alina to arrive via Kraków and Warsaw and approach Vienna and Austria and to me.

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Take care!
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