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Spiritual I Beauty I Traveler 
Welcome on my personal Website!

My Introduction

Welcome on my personal website and my linked social media channels!

After difficult and turbulent ten years decade and disappointments from a life which was characterized by superficialities and material values timely I have found back my balance, inner peace and overall power through spirituality and mental confrontation with myself and my environment. My life has regained its beauty and with new energy and strength I am now again pursuing my great passions and topics such as preoccupation with spirituality, beauty, fashion and travel.

If you would like to find out more about my personality and my activities, I cordially invite you to immerse yourself in my renewed mind and way.


With sunny greetings


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My Passions

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Spiritual and mental engagement determine my daily life and have become an integral part of my renewed personality and life.

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The world of beauty, fashion and lifestyle has always been part of my personality and still has an important place in my life.

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Exploring and getting to know new countries, cultures, people and special places have shaped my past and has now flared up again.

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