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About me

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My Facts

Name: Elena Tkach

Date of birth/age: 20. January 1984 - (38)

Nationality: Ukraine; Residence: Ukraine Odessa, Europe

Creed: Christian Orthodox

Marital status: unmarried

Child: Son Nikita (12)


Education/Profession: Management for Foreign Economic & Affairs (University Degree)

Current occupation/work: Half-time mother for my son Nikita (12) and working  as a freelancer as social media marketing manager to extend my knowledge and working on different projects! 

My Curriculum Vitae (CV) in words

I live and grew up in the City of Odessa on the Black Sea. After I finished primar school I entered the University of Mechnikov in Odessa and study Management for Foreign Economic.


After education my dream was to connect my life with the modeling and fashion business, but at that time I met my future husband and realized that I wanted a family, an example of which I have always had and and we got married. We traveled a lot and even managed to live in Greece for 3 years. But slowly I realized that our marrige cracks. In 2010 my son Nikita (12) was born and two years after our marriage did not stand the test and we divorced. As a responsible mother of a son, I had to take life into my own hands and I tried myself in different light: I was a private entrepreneur, had my own fashion shop, constantly attended social events, was model for different clients, support and organize beauty contests. I was drawn to the world of beauty, partying and fashion but never really got happy and failed. I always lacked something and I could not find myself and find my place in this life.


Then I started asking myself many questions about who I am, why and what I live for, I studied all interreligions, anti-religious trends and so on. At some point I felt very bad, my life was hanging by a thread. And that's when I felt the power that lifted me up and helped me. This is the power of Spiritualiity.  My life has turned 360 degrees. I have found myself and my mind, soul and body has finally found peace and feel first time happy after long suffering time.

I would now like to combine my newly found satisfaction and happiness through spirituality with my great passions for beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel. I am now trying with the new communication possibilities to built up my own community with people and human with same interest. 


I invite you to be part of my community with the same or similar orientation and views and look forward to a mutual exchange of information and experiences.

My Mission

In a time human values are getting lost more and more, it is my mission to convince people that a life with faith and spirtually and mental thoughts can be very fulfilling. My example should also show that a life with spirtuality can also be beautiful, fashionable and modern.

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My Values

Values such as love for people, good deeds for society, sincerity, kindness, openness and purity of thoughts shape my personal and professional actions in my daily life.

My Goals

To travel to new countries and special places around the world and to explore new cultures, people and ways of life and their believings and to exchange experiences with human with similar values, and orientation are my main goals for the future.

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Keep in touch!
Take care!
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